• REUNIFICATION w/ Bonus Material

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    *ENGLISH SUBTITLES- Click on the "..." button and choose "English" at the bottom right of the video player

    This version includes 3 extra deleted/alternate scenes not in the film

    Director: Alvin Tsang
    Documentary, 85 minutes
    Color & B/W, Stereo

    In this deeply personal aw...

  • FISH
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    2 videos  |  Rent $1.99  |  Buy $3.99

    by Alvin Tsang, 16 minutes, color, stereo.
    A fish has been a symbol of fertility since the beginning of humanity. Shot at the Santa Monica Pier, FISH is a free-form documentary observing the act of fishing as a meditative gesture. As life is abundant, through desire, direction, patience, persi...